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Eternal Coffee Daze

Hot As Hell Travel Mug

Hot As Hell Travel Mug

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This intricately designed travel flask has a very cute and young interpretation depicting a pagan and occultist deity, named Baphomet. Similar to the likes of Samael and Lilith, Baphomet is devil-affiliated. Part human, part goat and covered in ritualistic drawings, he is an omen of mischief. The flask bares the phrases "Maybe today, Satan" and "Hot as Hell" which show that flare for the darker side of things whilst still being cute and pun-ny. No real Satanist cults here, promise.

This stylish cup, which separates into four parts; for ease and functionality, is a well crafted thermal travel cup that is designed to keep all your drinks piping hot. Even when they are as hot as hell!

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