About Our Coffee

Welcome to Eternal Coffee Daze, where passion for quality and sustainability meet in every cup. Discover the story behind our exceptional coffee beans and the process that goes into crafting the perfect brew.

Commitment To Quality

At Eternal Coffee Daze, quality begins with our carefully selected suppliers. We maintain close partnerships to ensure that only the finest coffee beans make their way to our roastery. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond taste – it encompasses environmental responsibility too.
Bowl of Coffee Beans

Precision in Roasting

Our unique roasting process sets us apart. Employing a heated drum and convection, rather than conduction, ensures a consistently uniform result. This method minimises surface burning, maximising the percentage of perfectly roasted beans. The outcome? A cleaner, smoother flavour profile that remains fresh for an extended duration compared to traditionally roasted coffee. As well as this our roaster is the most environmentally friendly roaster on the market. 

Air Cooling for Sustainability

Say goodbye to smoke emissions. At Eternal Coffee Daze, we prioritize the environment even during the cooling phase. Our roaster employs air cooling, preventing the release of harmful smoke. This method not only safeguards the environment but also enhances the overall consistency of the crucial cooling stage.
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Coffee Plant

Ethical Sourcing for Global Impact

Our commitment goes beyond the cup – it reaches the global coffee community. We source our beans ethically, connecting with farmers worldwide through our trusted suppliers. In support of the World Coffee Research Program, we strive to improve the lives of coffee farmers globally. For every purchase, a donation is made, empowering farmers to enhance their livelihoods and contribute to a better future.

Brewing a Better World, One Cup at a Time

When you choose Eternal Coffee Daze, you're not just savouring exceptional coffee; you're contributing to a sustainable and ethical coffee industry. Join us in brewing a better world, one cup at a time. Your choice makes a difference. Indulge in the excellence of Eternal Coffee Daze coffee – where every sip tells a story of quality, responsibility, and global impact.
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