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We wanted to make a post to explain our processes and the way we run our business. Here at Eternal Coffee Daze, we think its important to take care of the planet and everybody on the planet. With that said, here is a look into how we do... pretty much everything, and how it relates to trying to take care of our world.


We work closely with our suppliers to make sure our beans are of the highest quality. Our coffee is roasted using the most environmentally friendly roaster on the market. Compared to conventional coffee roasters, the roaster that we use, uses less gas. Thus creating up to 80% gas savings. Spending less on gas and using less gas, which is altogether better for the environment.

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In regards to our roasting process, by using a heated drum for our coffee roasting and employing convection rather than conduction, we achieve a more uniform result. This means a minimal burning on the coffee bean's surface and a higher percentage of perfectly roasted beans. More great coffee and less waste.


Our coffee beans undergo thorough and gentle roasting, experiencing hardly any "damage." Our coffee boasts a cleaner and smoother flavour profile because of this. It also allows the coffee to maintain its freshness for an extended duration when compared to coffee roasted using traditional methods.


At the end of the roasting process, we employ air cooling within the roaster to prevent the release of smoke into the environment. During the cooling phase, the coffee continues to undergo a technically controlled roasting, and our method of air cooling enhances the overall consistency of this crucial stage.

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Our beans are ethically sourced from farmers all around the world, and are connected to us through our suppliers. So, to try and improve the lives of all the coffee farmers around the world, which may include our own farmers, we support the World Coffee Research Program. This program helps coffee farmers to improve their livelihood and ultimately make a better living out of growing coffee. So for every coffee that is purchased from us, a donation to the World Coffee Research Program will be made. So the more you buy from us, the more we can donate.


That's just a small look into a few of the reasons that we are trying to be the best version of ourselves. Taking every step possible, towards a more ethical and environmentally friendly business model.

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