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We have been shopping around and experimenting with many different coffee makers recently and have decided to take an in depth look into them. Some of you may have noticed that we recently released bundles on our website. These are for all your coffee needs and we wanted to explain and prepare you for what each one can do and what they're best for.


Our coffee is sold in many different grind sizes and we try to cater to all of them. We already have make your own pod kits available on the website and if you're ordering our coffee as beans, then you've probably got your own set up already sorted. Here's some information on what we've come up with for the others.


If you prefer espresso, then our recommendation would be the Moka Pot. The eight sides make a perfect shape conducive to diffusing heat in an even manner. This makes the tastes and aromas more distinct and delicious. This is easy to clean and is extremely durable, perfect for making rich tasting espresso.


Our filter grind size fits both of the next coffee makers but we will start with discussing the Chemex 6 cup. The Chemex brews tasty and clean filter coffee which provides a smooth and rich taste. Included will be 100 thick filter papers that will leave your coffee with very little bitterness. The cone shape ensures the extraction will be pure. For a perfect filter coffee, this would be our choice.


The second coffee maker that will fit the same grind size is the Aeropress coffee maker. This comes in several parts but is easy to assemble. The Aeropress is one of the most popular brewers in the world and although it comes in multiple parts, it's lightweight, compact and durable. This makes it the perfect accessory for travelling or for making coffee on the go. A must have companion for any trip.


We also sell our coffee in french press/cafetiere grind size. For this we picked a Bodum cafetiere, which we will be offering in a 3-cup or an 8-cup size. The Bodum cafetiere makes a full-bodied, aromatic and delicious coffee. The filtering is clean and effective and prevents grounds coming through when you pour your coffee.


Overall, everyone has different tastes and preferences but we have chosen these coffee makers to complement our coffee selection. We are offering these bundles as gift sets, that you can order for yourself, a loved one or even a stranger. Whoever it's for, we guarantee happiness in the form of a cup! Go check them out!

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