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Eternal Coffee Daze

The Medusa Top

The Medusa Top

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In the tragic tale, Medusa was a beautiful priestess of Athena and she broke her vow of celibacy with Poseidon. To punish her, her beauty was taken away and she was turned into a hag with snakes in her hair and a glare so cold, it could turn you to stone. She is an icon and the truest embodiment of the statement "beauty is pain".

Have you ever worn heels, just to achieve the desired look? Have you ever spent ages plucking, waxing or doing some other thing that aches, just to feel pretty? Then you have felt the agonising power of Medusa. Even though beauty is pain, now we know that it doesn't have to be, because we offer a large range of sizes and this top is a comfortable fitting material. We have black or white alternatives of this stylish t-shirt so why not treat yourself?

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