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The Cat Parent Top

The Cat Parent Top

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This t-shirt comes in two styles, the "Queen" for a cat mother, and the "Tomcat" for a cat father. The "Cat Parent" top is for all of those people that find love in their lives with their furry animal friends, because animals aren't just pets they are part of the family. It comes in a comfortable material, in both black and white versions and sizes range from small to 5XL.

The design has a centre circle to represent endless love, which we feel towards our fluffy members of the family. The cat that is depicted in the middle of the circle has wings for two reasons. Firstly, for the angelic and pure love between cats and their human families. And secondly, to show the almost-God-like way cats treat humans. As if we are only occasionally worthy of being given their attention and affection. We have to work hard for their love and it is worth it.

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