Who Are Eternal Coffee Daze

Eternal Coffee Daze is a Phoenix, born from the ashes of the dearly departed Meyous Clothing. Meyous Clothing was an online store that was founded by one of the Eternal Coffee Daze team. It prided itself on designing and sharing inclusive sizing and alternative style, whilst being eco-friendly and sustainable. They also invented a series of tops with a little blue alien named Kevin.

Kevin "loved" his job and drank copious amounts of coffee to help him through the trials and tribulations of everyday life. He was in an Eternal Coffee Daze and thus began out quest to fill this void for the everyday hero. For all the Kevin's out there.

We decided to source and create some of the richest, fruitiest and tastiest collection of coffee and bring them to the masses. What began as a coffee-fuelled expedition however, soon became filled with different teas, hot chocolates and unique travel mugs that we couldn't wait to share!

Eternal Coffee Daze is made up of a small team but we all share a sense of love and passion for these products. Our team all believe in the power of a strong coffee, a soothing cup of tea and a steaming mug of hot chocolate. On our staff there is a parent to some adorable-terrible-twos; a 9 to 5-er looking for something that inspires them; and a work-late/early-morning shift worker that needs caffeine to survive. Here at Eternal Coffee Daze we have all manners of people from all walks of life, looking to connect with the thing that connects them: a well deserved cuppa.

So sign up to our newsletter, check out our socials and get ready with us for the launch! We will see you there!Kevin - The Eternal Coffee Daze Company's Mascot - Eternal Coffee Daze Company

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