Where Have You BEAN?

The Summer Holidays may be drawing to a close but that doesn't mean you can’t start planning your next getaway! Or maybe you’re looking for a short break over the weekend of the 30th September - 1st October and want to honour International Coffee Day. Whether the aim is visiting Europe, America, or even Asia. Whatever your aim and wherever you had in mind, if you are looking for some fun coffee-related vibes included in your itinerary - we’ve got you covered.


So kicking off with Europe, there are so many viable places that you can check off your list whilst savouring the rich aromas and unforgettable blends of coffee. Europe is well known for its coffee culture and the substantial relationship which has been built up over a long history. In France, coffeehouses were such an important setting for cultural and political change during revolutionary periods that it is entangled in everything that happens in France. There is no end to beautiful and trendy cafes - especially in Paris. If you get the chance, make your way to the Cafe de Procope - the oldest coffee shop in all of Paris. Steeped in history and definitely worth checking out.


Another place rich in history is Vienna, Austria - one of the world's most traditional coffee destinations. In Vienna you’ll also find many coffee shops, with various styles and beautiful designs. You’ll also find plenty of other things to do. There are guided walks and open markets that are created to showcase and experience the food and coffee of Vienna. There is a park that was constructed for the founder that created Vienna’s first coffee house. And the there's also the Vienna coffee festival, which is all about the coffee and has some amazing displays, demonstrations and is accompanied by live music too.


Crossing to America, Portland in Oregon is a coffee lover’s paradise if you like to experience different types of coffee. Portland is well known for the way they craft coffee and has many coffee shops that pay homage to cultural coffees from around the world. One coffeehouse, Portland Ca Phe, specialises in brewing coffee with Robusta beans, which is a specialty bean from Vietnam. Revolución Coffee House’s forte is famous for recreating café de olla, which is a traditional Mexican spiced coffee that became popular during the Mexican revolution.


Hawaii is another stop on my coffee-guided travel plans. Along with Kona, arguably Hawaii’s most known coffee growing region, there are thousands of other farms across the state. These can be spotted in multiple locations and tours are accessible if you are interested. However, my favourite is the Kona Shore Excursion. During this you not only get plenty of amazing information covering how Kona coffee is made, get to sample mouth-watering local crafted brews, and have a variety of other none-coffee related stops, but you also might see green sea turtles. What more could you possibly want?


If you’re thinking of going on a voyage to Asia, there are some wonderful destinations, but my top recommendation would be Vietnam. In the whole world, Vietnam is the second largest coffee producer and so I couldn’t talk about travelling to coffee-related places without a mention. There is also a Vietnamese specialty coffee which is a unique experience in itself. It is known as an egg coffee, or a Ca Phe Trung, and it uses coffee brewed with Robusta beans and a mixture of beaten egg yolks and sweetened condensed milk poured over the top. This delightful contrast of taste and texture is reminiscent of coffee flavoured custard; a fusion of sweet and rich flavourings.


However, if tea is more your thing, you could always make a trip to India and walk through the countless and vast tea estates and plantations, or delight in some moreishly sweet Chai tea, which is a firm favourite throughout.


Here are just a few fun and interesting ideas to spice up your travel plans. As always, I’m very coffee biased but if there are any other recommendations that you think I missed out on or any that you think shouldn’t have made the cut - let us know! Now it’s time to go get a brew and dream of the next holiday…

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