The Pumpkin King Of Coffee

It hit spooky season and I instantly felt the need for autumnal coloured jumpers, a seasonally appropriate TV show (we just started the UK version of Ghosts, starring Charlotte Richie) and pumpkin spiced EVERYTHING! So in honour of that, I decided today's blog had to be a how to... how to make the perfect pumpkin spiced latte.

I started by adding a shot of Pumpkin Spiced Syrup to a latte glass. Then I brewed 2 shots of espresso using our "I Pecan't Even" blend and stirred the two liquids together. I chose this particular blend of coffee because the tasting notes are pecans, milk chocolate and toffee. These taste profiles all mix amazingly with both coffee and pumpkin and I thought they would combine with each other in a really flavourful and exciting way.


Next I used a cafetiere to froth my milk. This is my preferred method, which I discovered when testing out all the possible methods I could with frothing milk. The milk comes out foamy and malleable with the shortest time and effort.


Finally I poured my milk into my latte glass and sat back to enjoy. Simple, but effective. The delicious addition of the syrup makes a latte a lot more seasonal and gets the spooky season started right! So why not grab yourself some syrup to spice up your coffee? Cheers!

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