The Battle of the Foam

As hinted in my last blog, I tested all the ways I could make milk foam, and I've decided to share my findings with you all. Using all the things I already had in my house, I checked out each way to make milk foamy and frothy and perfect for a cappuccino. I used a Hand Blender, a French Press, a Cocktail Shaker and an Electric Whisk. The results are in, here's what I found...


So, to kick off the battle of the foam, I began with an old Hand Blender. Now, these machines are so old I remember my mum using one whilst I was growing up. Though, I don't remember actually buying one myself, I just acquired it when I became an adult. Like a power up. The Hand Blender was simple to use and made pretty decent foam. It was thick and bubbly, though probably not nearly thick enough for conventional coffee foam. Now I'm not sure if this was because of the fact I'd never tried it before, or I just didn't blend for long enough, or it was the machine itself. Whatever the issue was, the overall ease of use and speed made this a great method, especially if you need milk foam quickly, however it wasn't the best milk foam I've ever made. So be warned. With that in mind, I've given this method a 3 out of 5.

Next I want to give my thoughts on the Cocktail Shaker. It was good, in a pinch and made substantial and thick foam. The shaking method meant the milk was particularly well aerated and added a creamier texture on top of the coffee. However, it was awkward and more physically exerting, just for one cup of coffee. The effort to tastiness ratio meant that the Cocktail Shaker method also only gained a 3 out of 5 rating, in my book. As much as it was tasty, it was a longer process that took more time and energy. Though, I would highly recommend if you have the time and patience to see it through.


The Electric Whisk was just as easy and manageable as the Hand Blender, but a more modern and compact model. This is literally designed to blend and aerate milk for coffee and it does exactly what it says on the tin. It's the perfect little contraption for the task. There isn't much more to say on it, other than I would rate it 4 out of 5 on my scale. Its easy, it made great milk foam for my coffee but it was a little lacklustre, in my opinion. There was no thrill to it.


Lastly, we have the French Press method. This method is my all time favourite and I whole-heartedly (and whole milk-ly!) give it 5 out of 5! The pump action on the French Press meant that you could decide how thick you wanted your milk foam to be, and made it easier to watch the progress as it went. It was easy to use, easy to measure and made a smoother, creamier and foamy milk that went with my coffee beautifully. I cannot compare to it.


So, there you have my results on how to make milk foam. Do you agree? The French Press is my reigning champion, but are there any methods you have tried or any that you recommend? Let us know if you have a better way for us to try and until then, keep frothing!

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