Introducing us

We thought that we would give some profiles on our (very) small team here at Eternal Coffee Daze. So here are some home truths about us and our company. Let's dive in.

Claire Eternal 

Welcome to my corner of creativity and innovation! As the co-owner of Eternal Coffee Daze, I take pride in every little thing that we do and hope that we can give good drinks, fun designs and happy vibes to anyone that visits our website or socials.

I work a Monday to Friday, 9-5 job, but have a long lasting love affair with coffee, tea and all kinds of terrible jokes! My passion lies in crafting compelling narratives through videos, blogs, and our website - injecting as much humour as I can along the way. I have a degree in creative writing and film production and I am always on the lookout to find new and interesting ways to explore the narrative of our story.

With a vision to captivate audiences and bring ideas to life, I aspire to establish Eternal Coffee Daze as a trailblazer. Join me on this journey, where storytelling meets product excellence, shaping a brand that resonates with authenticity and creativity. Together, let's turn dreams into reality. (I'm also super cheesy!)


Leon Eternal

 Welcome to my digital realm! I am a co-owner and founder of Eternal Coffee Daze. I think the world can be too serious sometimes and I'm on a mission to make life more interesting. As someone that does shift work and might be working any time of any day, coffee is more than just a drink to me - it's a necessary addiction.

I am responsible for orchestrating the symphony of our online presence. From ensuring the seamless functionality of our website,  to curating engaging content on social media and optimising our digital footprint through SEO - I am driven by the belief that a strong online presence is key to success.

With an unwavering commitment to user experience and visibility, I am dedicated to propelling Eternal Coffee Daze to the forefront of our industry. My main focus is to get our company out there in to the ever-evolving digital landscape and to carve our space and make waves in the online world. 


Eternal Coffee Daze

We started Eternal Coffee Daze to provide good coffee with our own spin on flavour profiles and different blends. We also wanted to inject our brand with our stupid humour and pun-filled dad jokes - because the world is just too serious sometimes. We know that a lot of coffee brands and roasters out there are pretentious and we wanted to be open, honest and more ourselves. So, if you've read this far - thank you for getting to know us. It's BEAN good to meet you!

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