“Espresso-yo-self” with our Espresso Martini

This week, we tried our hand at cocktails! However, before we get into it, I wanted to remind anyone and everyone that our website eternalcoffeedaze.com will be opening on the 1st September. For all of your coffee and tea needs - so don't forget to check us out.


Back to cocktails, I focused on looking into all of the different coffee flavoured ones, naturally. After much (not really) deliberation, I decided to make an Espresso Martini because, as much as there are plenty of coffee flavoured cocktails - how could I talk about coffee in cocktails without kicking it off with a good ol’ Espresso Martini. So without much further ado, let's get into the merging of two very different beverages; coffee and alcohol. Though, I want to put a disclaimer to remind everyone to drink responsibly and safely and that this is a fun look into different uses of coffee, not a means to get obliterated.


This world famous coffee cocktail combines coffee liqueur, espresso and vodka for that perfect and legendary blend of flavours that merge so well together into an intoxicating pick-me-up drink imbued with a magical taste. Cocktails were dramatically reshaped during London in the 1980’s, when Dick Bradsell invented this smooth and moreish cocktail and we tip our hats to him.


To make two glasses of Espresso Martini, I poured two shots of espresso into a cup and popped it into the freezer to cool it down. I used Tia Maria for the added benefit of a second vein of rich coffee flavour. Once the espresso had cooled, I added equal parts of vodka and Tia Maria. Then I poured them into the cocktail shaker with ice and shook everything together, well. Then strained the mixture into chilled glasses and sat back to enjoy.

Pouring out Espresso Martini - Eternal Coffee Daze Company

Now, most recipes I looked into mentioned the use of simple syrup but I decided to try it without as I thought it might be too sweet added to Tia Maria. So, I forwent the syrup and left my recipe without it. However, as much as I enjoyed it, it tasted more like cold coffee instead of an espresso Martini.


The second time I attempted the cocktail, I switched out Tia Maria for Kahula, as it was a more sugary coffee liqueur and favoured by many for the cocktail. This was a much better choice as it mixed perfectly and made it a smoother and sweeter flavour, even without the simple syrup.


My adventures in cocktail making may have started shaky, however it was a great choice and one that has been very helpful in developing techniques. Hopefully I will be able to learn from my cocktail making journey and improve as I go, through mistakes and trials.

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